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DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act Information
We are respects the rights of all copyright holders and in this case, has adopted and implemented a policy that provides for termination in appropriate circumstances content that violates the rights of copyright holders.

Do not hesitate to report to DMCA at

  1. Send us a link of the offensive files.
  2. You will have to show proof that you are the rightful owner of that program in question, or you have the permission to act on behalf the person who holds the copyright to that software.
  3. For successful processing of DMCA complaint, you will need to send us an email from the main domain of that company that holds the copyright. We do not accept emails from regular emails, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo… etc.
  4. Send us your request to
  5. Make sure to write DMCA in subject line, so it will be easy to notice when your email arrives.
  6. Your email should contain identification of copyrighted works, material location(s) of copyright infringing and also detailed statement of authority.
  7. The copyrighted content will be taken down within 24 hours.